How to Stop Drinking Club

Here’s how Stop Drinking Club works.

No meetings, 100% confidential, read yourself sober.

Set your sober date for NEXT SUNDAY!

Here’s the first thing – you get to keep on drinking up until
the next Sunday.

On Saturday night – you take it easy so you’re not sick for
your first day.

Nothing extreme, nothing drastic, nothing life-changing just

Be mindful and aware of your intention to stop on Sunday.
It’s a new point in your life.

When Sunday Morning rolls around, open the next chapter of this
book and the next chapter of your life…

OK, see you Sunday morning…


Hi, my name is Bren Murphy and I would like to offer you the opportunity to get serious about breaking free from whatever it is that is holding you back.

Tell me your story. ┬áLet’s begin now. ┬áSend me your situation and together, we can build on creating a new foundation for a less boozy, more clear, calm and composed sober life.

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